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EXP 005 B

EXP 005 Bis based on a EVA Emulsion Modified Polymer combined with resin and tackfier and is indicated with good tack, strong bonding, and fast setting time. Can be run on all standard roller or manual systems. In the packaging industry, and bookbinding application, EXP 005 Bis used as a folding glue lap in the manufacture of bookbinding and general application of paper.  The use of EXP 005 Bgives excellent adhesion to the paper, board material and runs exceptionally cleanly, giving minimal garniture contamination even on coatings board, and etc. EXP 005 Bis also used elsewhere in the packaging industry as an overlap packaging adhesive for manual and labeling glass.  EXP 005B does not give rise to skinning in large glue troughs, thereby reducing stoppage times.


Solid Content                                          55%-59%

Viscosity                                                 3,000 – 3,500 cps, BF RVDE 3/20/27oC