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FMA 142

FMA 142 is a milky white synthetic emulsion of Polyvicyl Acetate Homopolymer designed for multi purpose adhesive. FMA 142 has a good inial tack and permanent bonding strength when used for paper, packaging, and cartoon. FMA 142 can be easily dilued with water at any propotion to achieve desired working viscosity for both manual and machine application. 

In the tobacco industry and some packaging application, FORMULA 142  is used asa a glue lap of cigarette packaging. The use of FORMULA 142 gives exelent adhesion to the various tipping paper who combined with various porous paper tip. It was runs exceptionally cleanly, giving minimal garniture contamination. FORMULA 142 is also used elsewhere in the general industry as a glass labeling, core glue, duplex, ivory gluing, and general application boards, FORMULA 142 does not gives rise to  skinning in large glue troughs, thereby reducing stoppage times.


Solid Content                                           20% - 22%

Viscosity                                                 13,500 – 15,000 cps, BF RVDE 5/20/270 C