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SPG 1613

SUPERGLU 1613 is based on acrylic veova modified emulsion and is characterized by its high wet tack and fast setting time. In the packaging industry, SUPERGLU 1613 is used as a labeling of pet, pp, glass, tin, and hdpe material for oil cooking. The use of SUPERGLU 1613 gives excellent adhesion to the paper, board material and runs exceptionally cleanly, giving minimal garniture contamination even on coatings board, and etc. SUPERGLU 1613 is also used elsewhere in the packaging industry such as glitter, self seal envelope, silicone glue, and etc. SUPERGLU 1613 does not give rise to skinning in large glue troughs, thereby reducing stoppage times.

Solid Content                          55%-63%

Viscosity                                 40,000 – 80,000 cps, BF RVDE 7/20/27oC