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SMART HM 508 A, is based on a rubber polymer combined with tackifier and is indicated with good initial tack, excellent setting time. Also it is a permanent pressure sensitive (PSA) hot melt. In exhibits excellent properties with high tack and good holding power. In packaging industry this was bonding of unlacquered paper, corrugated cardboard, cartons and folding boxes on high speed machines as well as high temperature fillings and shrinking tunnels (erecting boxes and closing, folding manufacture, wrapping paper). The use of SMART  HM 508 A gives an excellent adhesion to plastic, eva foam, paper, metal, leather, pvc, pu based sole, eva materials, also  good flow ability performance. It runs exceptionally cleanly, giving minimal garniture contamination even on glass, paper stocks, and etc.


Viscosity, Brookfield                               600  – 1,500 cps at 160˚C- 180˚C, RVT7/20/27°C