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TBC X 137 SM

TBC X-137 SM is based on vinyl acetate-ethylene modified emulsion and is characterized by its high wet tack and fast setting time.

In the packaging industry, and bookbinding application, TBC X-137 SM is used as a folding glue lap in the manufacture of bookbinding and general application of paper.  The use of TBC X-137 SM gives excellent adhesion to the paper, board material and runs exceptionally cleanly, giving minimal garniture contamination even on coatings board, and etc.

TBC X-137 SM is also used elsewhere in the packaging industry as an overlap packaging adhesive for manual and labeling glass.  TBC X-137 SM does not give rise to skinning in large glue troughs, thereby reducing stoppage times.


Solid Content                   55%-59%

PH                                 4 - 6

Viscosity                         5,000 – 10,000 cps, BF RVDE 4/20/27oC